Monday, April 11, 2011

Betawi (DKI Jakarta), Indonesia Culture

I was born from two tribes in Indonesia, Jakarta professed Betawi and Sundanese (Banten).. My extended family originated from various regions in Indonesia.. I am proud born and was raised in Indonesia because Indonesia lot of culture, art, clothing and cooking areas for each region is different.. 

My post this time, to show and introduce to bloggers around the world about the culture of the area of ​​Betawi (DKI Jakarta), Indonesia..
All About The Betawi Culture

Kebaya House

Ondel Ondel

Art Tanjidor

Ronggeng Dance

Dance Mask
Monumen Nasional (MONAS)

before Jakarta, the name formerly Jaya Raya


  1. this post is really interesting!! Thanks for show us this culture :)

  2. Hey, thank u so much! and of course I'm following! thanks for the follow1


  3. Hi Diana! Thanks for always being a sweetheart. I'm a bit of a history lover and I just love this post you did about your culture. Reading about it makes my inner nerd happy.