Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Celebrate The Birthday Weekend

Last sunday, I wear simple clothing that is short dres with leopard motif with superficial half bolero, black leggings, brown wedges and watches. I deliberately did not wear accessories because I do not want to see other people look tacky.. My makeup is natural and important matches in my face and gorgeous in see by my boyfriend.. hehehe ^_^

I and My boyfriend spent the weekend and celebrate My birthday in complete entertainment center in Jakarta, the mall of Indonesia (MOI).. Me and My boyfriend had lunch at Kenny Rogers restaurant, cuisine American origin.. after that we watch a movie at Blitz Megaplex Drive Angry in the Mall of Indonesia (MOI).. after watching us go shopping.. on weekends are really full of many people people come with their families to spend time in the mall of Indonesia (MOI)..

Photo Sculptures

Photos With The Background Of a Giant Sleeping Buddha Statue