Friday, June 15, 2012

At Universal Studios, Singapore

Was almost 6 months I did not write anything on my blog.. I had almost forgotten by my blog.. I was really a bad blogger and I apologize, because I am busy with my personal life..

Three weeks ago, I along with my extended family went to Singapore to meet my family who live there.. I have free time to my advantage to be on vacation nearly a week there, one of which I was on vacation in Sentosa precisely at Universal Studios to refresh my mind.. I really enjoy the holidays with family there.. I wish I could go back there on vacation with my family.. XOXO..  ^_^

take a break
My own style
yellow taxi

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Wedding of Mother's Niece

On 11 September last, niece of my mother married and held a wedding reception in the building area of central Jakarta.. this wedding reception wearing traditional modern Java, use the services of Wedding Organizer (WO).. i wear a brown dress matching combined with black leggings and brown colored wedges.. my makeup done by a professional bridal expert, this is the result of my makeup.. beautiful, is not it????? xoxo.. ^_^

OMG but i love it

Nice shoot
Family Photo

A Bride and Groom

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Refreshment of Mind

Two weeks ago I went with my boyfriend tourists to Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor Cisarua.. at Taman Safari Indonesia, time for me up to do because it was a long time already for many years I did not vacation to the Taman Safari Indonesia. at Taman Safari Indonesia has a lot of changes in terms of recreation area offers a myriad of entertainment venues and performances are amazing.. I went to wear clothing that is simple and long sleeves and blue jeans because the weather is very cold there..

I was with tiger cubs

I ride a pony

I'm seriously looking at something

Best couple

Photographs with the elephant

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


When you say love
World is beautiful at once
Filled with different colors
Decorated with many flowers
Fragrant & beautiful.............

When you touch my fingers
Instantly fantasies float fly
Into a world of fantasy
To nature-filled creative
There, everything was beautiful
Everything was there hiding............

Stretch of beautiful flower garden colorful
Decorate around us
Cast a seductive fragrance
Who increasingly make us is intimate............

Monday, April 25, 2011

Poetry * From My Heart

*French Language Version*

Si vous aimez une erreur,,
Permettez-moi coupable parce que tu m'aimes vraiment les moyens,,
Et je me battrai pour cet amour pour vous,,
La totalité du contenu de ma chambre était remplie de parfum parfumé vous aimez les fleurs,,
En effet je suis tombé en amour avec toi
L'amour est le plus beau cadeau,,
Un monde sans amour se serait sentie vide, comme l'obscurité, sans lumière comme je le fais sans toi,,
Si vous pouvez voir mon coeur,,
Si seulement tu pouvais lire dans mon esprit à quel point l'âme ombre espace plein de vous-même,,
Agrémentée jour ma journée mon sourire âme et une voix calme,,
Aimez-moi avec votre amour de la gravité,,
J'aime, j'aime ce qu'il est,,
Je vais garder notre amour ensemble et vous vous sentez Parce que Je t'aime........................

*Indonesia Language Version*

Jika mencintaimu satu kesalahan,,
Biar aku bersalah karna cintamu padaku sungguh berarti,,
Dan akan aku perjuangkan cinta ini demi untukmu,,
Seluruh isi ruang hatiku telah kau penuhi oleh semerbak harumnya bunga cinta,,
Sungguh aku telah jatuh cinta padamu,,
Cinta adalah anugrah yang terindah,,
Dunia tanpa cinta pastilah akan terasa hampa seperti kegelapan tanpa cahaya seperti diriku tanpamu,,
Andai kau dapat melihat hatiku,,
Andai saja kau dapat membaca pikiranku betapa ruang jiwaku penuh bayangan dirimu,,
Menghiasi hari hariku senyum dan suaramu teduhkan jiwaku,,
Cintailah aku dengan kesungguhan cintamu,,
Aku sangat mencintai,menyayangimu apa adanya,,
Aku akan menjaga cinta kita berdua dan perasaanmu because I LOVE YOU.............

Friday, April 22, 2011

Paradise in Jakarta

Early last year Me and My boyfriend on vacation in paradise in Jakarta, Angel Island, located in North Jakarta.. We take the picture image that is around Angel Island.. Angel Island was among the most beautiful islands including the island of a thousand islands in Jakarta.. Angel Island also has Dutch heritage.. on Angel Island as their family vacation or corporate outing event.. We both enjoy a vacation in Angel Island with full of happiness and joy.. ^_^

Angel Island Map

Inherent in Angel Island

Cool Air At The Beach

Statue Of "An Angel-Island" Symbol


Fort From The Outside



Dutch Fort Heritage

White Sand Beach

Beach Bridge

Charming Beach


I Want To Return To The Holy Land

Time was 3 years passed, it seems only yesterday that My family and worship Umrah to the Holy Land (Saudi Arabia) for 2 weeks.. let alone the time Me and My brother for the first time Umrah worship, incredible I can see first hand the magnificent Kaaba in Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque in Maddinah.. I pray fervently and pray to Allah SWT for the trip of My life (career, the future in search of a mate).. I have free time a day to besiege the city of Mecca and the Mecca there that sell camel milk.. Me and My family finally saw the Camel milk-making process and finally Me and My family drink camel milk.. Camel milk is said to cure various diseases.. Camel milk does not taste any flavor compared with other milk, camel milk is more enjoyable in cold conditions.. My family visited the museum of the Kaaba in Mecca to see what is inside the museum.. I want to go back again to worship and pray in the Holy Land.. God (Allah SWT) hopefully I can get back to the Holy Land someday, Amiiiiiiiinn ^_^

 Kaaba in Mecca

The Prophet's Mosque in Maddinah
Camel Milk
Camel Milk-making process

Door Of The Kaaba in Mecca