Friday, February 18, 2011

Vacation in Bandung

During Christmas holidays of 2010 yesterday, My family and My boyfriend went to Bandung for vacation.. Me, My family and My boyfriend went to Bandung by car and younger brother of My uncle who became a driver.. We passed through the area rather than an alternative that is Lembang Bandung Pasteur highway because it can hit a long traffic jam, knowing we go on public holidays.. Before arriving at the inn or hotel Lembang, we feel hungry for lunch and prayer Dzuhur, we finally stopped in the diner cuisine sunda is not so far from the hotel which we would like staying, then we ordered food and waited for our food orders came, we pray for a while after that we eat food with gusto.. LOL ^_^

After our stomach full, it's time we continue the journey to the hotel to check in.. within 30 minutes we have arrived at the hotel Lembang Bandung.. Alhamdulillah, our trip to Bandung smoothly although traffic jams could hit the streets before Lembang Bandung.. We checked in for two nights and message rooms with the largest room space because most enjoyable holiday in one large room.. We came on serve well and satisfying service that has become one of the hotels for the customer duty guest.. Time is shown at 3 pm.. time for us to rest and continue our journey night after Isya prayers.. In between the break, we took time to take pictures and my brother swim..

Nice Background

A Good Elephant Statue
Traditional Games Of Antiquity "Congklak"

Views Of The Hill at Sunset

This morning show at 8 am, we got out of the hotel to continue leisure to Tangkuban Prahu known crater tour white and very cold air.. Distance from the hotel to Tangkuban Prahu only 20 minutes, we have arrived at Tangkuban Prahu and our car through the streets with staircase steps with a state road that is less than optimal many rocks and have to be careful because there are many gap due to landslides.. Prahu Tangkuban region can not be special attention from the local government to be a place of natural attractions Lembang Bandung. in my opinion, if Tangkuban Prahu to the attention of the government of course many local and foreign tourists who come to Tangkuban Prahu to see such a beautiful white crater and the air is still beautiful and very cold.. Local governments must consider in terms of safety, comfort and safety for tourists visiting the Tangkuban Prahu..

Finally we have reached the summit crater and white, really beautiful natural scenery and clean air are very different from the air in Jakarta that has been contaminated with motor vehicle air pollution.. Brief history of my uncle's brother told me that from white crater is due to antiquity there Prahu Tangkuban mountain that erupted and smoke from the crater and the crater is still active because when I came out smoke from the crater in the crater and the tourists only see from above because it is dangerous if there are tourists who dare to come down to see near the crater.. I'm surprised it turns out there are many tourists who want to visit Tangkuban Prahu to see the charm of white crater. us and other visitors to take pictures images around the crater white. other visitors are also many vendors who sell merchandise at a low price and same quality that is not inferior to any other area around Bandung, other vendors have also turned out to be a photographer traders who worked around with a digital camera so that the direct print.. White crater in Tangkuban Prahu can also be made in place for pre wedding photos ever immortalized by the band peterpan band from Bandung that is, to be made in place of pre wedding photos. unfortunately I was not interested because of my safety and comfort me, LOL ^_^

A View From Above White Crater

Standing Alone


The Couple

Our content has been photographed in the crater and white photo and we must continue our vacation trip in Bandung to Braga and shopping street in Paris Van Java for Bandung in the know with Paris Van Java Bandung's fashion centers for fashion (such as in Paris, France, whose country is the fashion capital of fashion) and latest prices ranging from lower middle class to upper middle class.. Before we went to Braga street, we stopped at a restaurant that provides meat dishes, especially rabbit because the area of Bandung Lembang many restaurants that provide meat rabbit satay.. We got one restaurant that provides the rabbit meat satay and we ordered 2 servings of meat rabbit satay and 8 cups of coffee a suitable warm milk to warm our cold bodies..

There are many more photos of us during our vacation but for personal and sorry I could not share to the public and users of blogs and friends of my blog followers.. and of course our 3-day vacation in Bandung is fun and we want to return a vacation to Cancun again.. Bandung we will definitely go back again.. Thanks or Merci ^_^