Monday, April 11, 2011

Banten (West Java), Indonesia Culture

Continuation of my posts that I wanted to show and introduce the origin of his father one of my parents who came from Banten, West Java.. Father of one of My parents that I call My grandfather.. My grandfather's native offerings, he lived in cities rather than villages.. My grandfather had many brothers who also lived in the offerings.. My grandfather's a fighter not a stream of black-white stream (cult), my grandfather is very diligent in worship.. I get some photos of Banten Culture from My grandfather and My brother also told by My grandfather told My grandfather while still young in Colonial Era..

Debus Show (Cut Touge)

Debus Performances (Body Above The Pile Of Nails)

Working on Weaving Songket

Banten Mosque



Hermitage White Tiger

Avenged Bedug

Custom House Banten

Bedouin Custom House

Raden Saleh Cultural Park

Bedouin Tribes, Banten


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  2. ahh I love coming across fellow Indonesians! You're teaching me more than I've ever learned in my lifetime! haha

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  11. This is so interesting. In Peru they also have women who weave beautiful tapestries and clothes etc. Great post.

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