Sunday, October 09, 2011

Refreshment of Mind

Two weeks ago I went with my boyfriend tourists to Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor Cisarua.. at Taman Safari Indonesia, time for me up to do because it was a long time already for many years I did not vacation to the Taman Safari Indonesia. at Taman Safari Indonesia has a lot of changes in terms of recreation area offers a myriad of entertainment venues and performances are amazing.. I went to wear clothing that is simple and long sleeves and blue jeans because the weather is very cold there..

I was with tiger cubs

I ride a pony

I'm seriously looking at something

Best couple

Photographs with the elephant


  1. Hi Diana! My blogger friend from Indonesia. How are you? From the looks of these photos, well! OMG, I can't believe you are sitting with a tiger cub. How amazingly cool is that. All these animals, make me feel like a tiny speck in this world we live in & how beautiful nature can be. Glad you had fun with your boyfriend during your getaway.

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Love lots from NY

    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  2. Hi Pamela.. i'm fine, thank u..

    *thank u for your comment on my post.. i am not afraid because i was encouraged by my boyfriend and the handler cub but actually i am a bit scared.. sorry i now rarely post my blog and I've become a bad blogger..

    Happy Holidays too ^_^

    Hug and Kiss from Indonesia